Running Before the Prairie Wind

Synopsis from the back cover:

Set in southwestern Minnesota in 1890, Running before the Prairie Wind tells of Karen and Peter Larsen’s struggle to retain their Good Life by dealing with suppressed memories. Peter, the former captain of a tall ship, compares life on their bountiful pioneer farm to sailing with the wind at his back, and pregnant Karen is a catalyst for change in the lives of everyone around her. She inspires an Indian girl to explore her mixed-blood heritage and a Jewish friend to fulfill his gifts. But even Peter’s natural exuberance can not keep the oncoming storm at bay when the unspoken past becomes a barrier between them. Only with the help of a Quaker woman can the couple overcome lingering guilt and once more fill their sails.

What Others Say About Prairie Wind

The past makes you what you are and the past also causes us much pain. "Running Before the Prairie Wind: An Historical Novel of Southwestern Minnesota" tells the story of Karen and Peter Larsen as they face the problems of their lives and the prejudices of late nineteenth century America. A charming and moving story of conquering one's past, "Running Before the Prairie Wind" is a solid and very recommended read.

— Midwest Book Review.

Running before the Prairie Wind is an authentic tale of Danish immigrants creating a home in America. It is a story of tolerance, assimilation, success, and love found in the heartland of the New World. Since Karen’s character so mirrors my Danish-American great-grandmother and the book is so well-written, I enjoyed every minute I spent with Karen Larsen—my new great-grandmother and friend.

— Ricke Bly, Tyler Minnesota.

“…a wonderful heartwarming story of overcoming obstacles, grieving, crying, laughing along with the characters as well as historically interesting. You will, without a doubt, feel the Prairie Wind when turning the pages.”

— Susanne Hohlen, Mid-Minnesota editor of The Danish Pioneer.