Green Valley

Synopsis from the backcover:

In 2022, Abby leaves her husband and a promising medical career to become a country doctor and seek a better future for herself and her nine-year-old son, Bill. They leave behind a NY City that is increasingly chaotic to move to a cooperative community in the village of Williams Hill in rural Massachusetts.

Following a series of weather disasters, the New England Carbon Rebellion has resulted in severe restrictions on the use of fossil fuels. Everything changes as transportation, education, and agriculture adapt to alternative sources of energy. What would such a new society look like? How can we build a way of life that does not depend on a disastrous carbon footprint?

Green Valley is a novel about such a changed society that treads a narrow path along the precipice of climate change into a viable future. Ipsen avoids the cliché of a utopia, but describes the dramatic steps that must be taken very soon if we are to have hope and avoid the dystopian end of civilization predicted by the typical cli-fi novel.


Endorsement from The Rt. Reverend Bud Cederholm:

Green Valley is a compelling and unique novel about the devastation of climate change and brave hope as experienced by three generations of families, friends and climate migrants in the years ahead of us in this century. The author is a gifted writer, historian with scientific insight, a passionate activist and lover of creation and this fragile earth our Island home.  

         Readers of all ages will find themselves in the story, wondering how they oo might live and love, create, adapt and cope with climate change, overcome fear and loss, and find hope in these years yet to come. It’s a journey you won’t forget.