Abigail's Legacy

Synopsis from the backcover:

Abigail Walker disappears amid accusations of witchcraft, but she leaves her lover Paul and young friend Bess a legacy of independence from the Puritan constrictions of seventeenth-century Concord. In concurrent stories, connected by Abigail’s enduring inspiration, Bess becomes a gifted healer, while Paul seeks a life that will balance his English and Indian heritage. As in all her work, the author evokes a sense of time and place that transports the reader to the special towns of Concord and Cambridge and the newer settlements of the Blackstone Valley for a glimpse of the roots of New England’s coming industry.

Readers of At the Concord of the Rivers have already met Paul and Bess; they can now discover what happened to Abigail’s friends after her abrupt departure. Yet, Abigail’s Legacy may be enjoyed without reading the prequel, for the essence of the back-story is seamlessly woven into this novel that celebrates acceptance of differences and affirms the human spirit.


(5 stars) A sequel to "At the Concord of the Rivers" both books were enthralling - perhaps because I live in the Acton, Concord, Mass area - and know something of the history- but any lover of history or even of just a different tale with twist and turns would enjoy this set of stories. I plan to read other books by the author - Anne Ipsen - these two books were chosen by my book club- history coming alive - with a touch of present day!  Posted on amazon by E. George                          
(4 stars) Anne Ipsen has written a worthy sequel to At the Concord of the Rivers, a book this reader loved. She tells her tale while offering the reader a nice history lesson about the development of the Blackstone Valley in New England. Well done.       Posted on amazon by Yakov